Houdini 12.0.581

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Version: 12.0.581, 2012

License: Trial Version

Date Added: February 1, 2012

Houdini 12.0.581

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From Hollywood movies, to high-end commercials to next-gen video games, visual effects plays a vital role in winning the hearts of audiences. This means achieving the high levels of realism when creating fire, smoke and fluid effects which has, in the past, consumed lots of simulation time and computer memory. With Houdini 12, VFX artists will experience game-changing improvements in speed and memory making it easier to achieve blockbuster results.

Built on a powerful new geometry engine, Houdini 12 includes targeted optimizations to dynamics and rendering and a reworked OpenGL 3 viewport. Houdini 12 also includes Bullet solver integration, Pyro FX 2, faster more accurate FLIP fluids, production-ready cloth, an Alembic exporter and much more.





Houdini 12 has been re-architected to be faster and more memory efficient. From a new geometry engine, to targeted optimizations to dynamics and rendering, to viewport enhancements, artists will be able to accomplish more and iterate faster with Houdini 12.

Pyro FX 2

With Pyro FX 2, Fire and Smoke simulations look more realistic and are faster and easier to set up. The speed gains in Houdini 12 are significant allowing for more iterations. The ability to simulate using the GPU takes things to a whole new level and advances in volume rendering create an impressive final look.

FLIP Fluids

FLIP Fluids have been enhanced to achieve 10x faster performance, to generate 10x more data and to create more stable behavior. New variable viscosity controls lets you simulate liquids that melt or harden. Overall, FLIP fluids let you create bigger effect faster than ever before.


The Bullet solver has become an industry standard which is now the default RBD solver in Houdini. Offering super-fast rigid body sims, Bullet is integrated into the Houdini 12 dynamics context and works with dynamic fracturing and interacts well with fluids.


The cloth solver in Houdini 12 is production-ready and capable of generating fast reliable clothing sims. Using a mathematically accurate sim model, the new solver handles difficult cases and provides point level control over all aspects of the sim. Character FX artists will want to take a look at this amazing new solver.


Houdini’s Mantra renderer, recently recognized with a Scientific and Technical Achievement award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, now brings physically-based rendering to volumes such as smoke and fire. Mantra also includes a 300 times speed improvement when instancing to points.

And Much More...

Houdini 12 includes a wealth of new features including workflow enhancements, and support for Alembic explort.


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