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Version: 8.0.1489.300

License: Free

Size: 112.3 MB

Date Added: August 23, 2013

O.S: Windows 8 / Windows 7 / XP / XP Pro / Vista

avast Free Antivirus version 8

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Quick Review:


avast! 8 is loaded with tons of feature that a free user can access. It is one of the best free antivirus suites available in market.

INSTALLATION: avast! 8 installs faster than previous versions, It is not the fastest free antivirus in the market but has improved quite a lot, It may take up to three minutes to install depending on system speed. After installation it requires a reboot.

ADD-ON: desktop gadget for windows7 and vista, WebRep add-on for browser. Default installation will automatically install these features but if you do not need these you can uninstall these or you can go for custom installation to select what features you want to install.

OPT-IN: during the install, you are opted into Google's Drive desktop manager, If you use Google service then this app is for you otherwise you can opt-out.

ONE INSTALLATIN OPTION: This option is available through custom installation method only it makes avast!8 a secondary security program keeping your existing security program as primary, Using this option will consume system resources and will slow down your computer performance.

INTERFACE: avast!8 has sort of similar interface as before and have a windows 8 blocky tiles and icon style. Six tab interface provide quick access to its different security features like Scan, Software Updater, Browser Cleanup, SafeZone, AccessAnywhere, and the Market.


The Good

Loaded with tons of features
avast! cloud services
Windows 8 like interface
Upgrades can be purchased within the application


The Bad

Auto install addons
Plenty of reminds of missing features
No PC maintenance features




SCANS: There are four scanning options Quick Scan, Full System Scan, Removable Media Scan and Select folder to scan, Quick scan is the fastest, Other scan take time that depend on size of the drive and the amount of data to scan.

SOFTWARE UPDATER: Alerts about the outdated program and application that you have installed and gives a link to download updates manually, Paying for a premium subscription will allow you to update your apps within the application automatically.

CLOUD SERVICE: This service collect information about reputation of file to and from about similar files among avast users so that you don't have to worry about updates.

MARKET: This application allow you to upgrade our program purchase additional features and services, It also reminds you haw many programs and features you are missing,  Prchase can be made directly in the application program.

BROWSER CLEANUP: It checks the internal storage and registry of Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome, searches for plug-in and toolbar references and helps you uninstall them.

ACCESSANYWHERE: It is a remote assistance feature which allows you to access remote tech support with any other remote end having avast.


System Requirements:


Processor Pentium 3
128 MB RAM
400 MB of free hard disk space


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