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Version: 2012

License: Trial Version

Date Added: February 4, 2012


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RipEditBurn is a powerful Wave and MP3 editor and sound recorder. Rip and burn CDs, edit sound, convert your vinyl records and cassettes to CD, and much more! Want to sing along to your favorite music without the original vocals getting in the way? Use our Vocal Reducer to reduce or remove vocals.


Record & Edit Wave & MP3s, Put Music On iPods, CDs

Record & Edit Audio & Music, Rip & Burn CDs
Convert tapes and records to CD easily and quickly
Drag & Drop audio files directly into the editor
Convert WAV, MP3, and WMA files in batches
Normalize, add EQ, Fade In/Out, create Sound Effects
Automatically match track volumes on CDs you burn
Includes FREE sound effects Set 1!




Blaze Audio's award-winning program RipEditBurn has

all the ripping and burning features you could possibly want, along with one of the most powerful audio editors around! It even allows you to rip and burn those frustrating copy-protected CDs with our own Analog Ripping Technology, just as easily as you would rip any other CD. Feel the exhilaration of recording and editing your own music, posting it on a podcasting site, making MP3s, and burning CDs!

Vocal Reducer

With our Vocal Reducer, you can reduce or even remove the vocals from music. Add Overdub to RipEditBurn and record your own performance with your favorite bands.

Features & Effects

Improve your recordings with our extensive editing features, including fading in and out, equalization, volume control and normalization, special effects, and much more.

How to Use It

Check out our Learn page for tutorials covering everything from getting started to advanced sound editing. The product manual also has invaluable information. To learn more about converting LPs to computer files, see the Conversion Manual, also available in pdf form.



It can be such a hassle to have your favorite music only on fragile, flimsy bits of plastic that take up space and degrade over time--so why not convert all your music to MP3 or WMA format and take advantage of the technological revolution of computers? The process of ripping, which is simple and customizable with RipEditBurn, lets you put all your albums into your computer's music library without losing quality. Save it straight onto your hard drive, or send it on to the editing and burning sections of REB!


Extract audio at high speed

Automatically copy CD information (artist, title, track)
Rip from supported CD drives
Analog ripping from copy-protected CDs for personal use



RipEditBurn records from any audio source that you can plug into your computer: live performances, interviews, conventional radio, record players, tape players, preamps, microphones, mixers, electronic instruments. If you can plug it in, you can record from it! All input is transformed into digital files, which can then be manipulated in the editor.


Record from any audio source supported by your equipment
Choose a sampling rate from 8000Hz to 96,000 Hz
Record at a variety of bit rates
Record stereo or mono, convert quickly and easily from one to the other
Control the volume of each stereo track
Create ID3 tag/song info for MP3 and Wave files



RipEditBurn's powerful editor allows you to take your audio creativity to the next level! Play around with our comprehensive set of features and effects.
With REB you can cut, copy, paste, crop, mix files together, adjust sampling rate and bit depth, and so much more! Use sound effects like echo, EQ, chorus, flange, reverse, and more. Not only is REB's editor one of the most powerful and useful around, it is also great fun for the audio beginner or seasoned veteran.
Save in wave or MP3 format, or export in WMA or RealAudio. Send it to the CD burner to create your own custom CD!


Easy-to-use interface:

Cut & paste
Undo back one level
Zoom in & out of waveform
Help button for every effect
Full screen option for easier viewing of waveform
Slider control of record volume, replay volume, pan


All our classic effects

Center Channel Removal
10-Band EQ
Fade In & Out
Notch Filter
Mono to Stereo
Note Scrubber
Sound Warmer



Ever had the frustrating experience of really wanting to listen to a certain album in the car, and finding you left the CD at home? Kiss those disappointing moments goodbye with REB's fast, easy-to-use CD ripping and burning. And don't stop with copies of your favorite CDs! Make personalized mixes of every description, from the perfect driving mix to a compilation of your favorite 80s dance hits.



Burns Wave or MP3 files
Uses the Adaptec CD Burning plugin for fast, reliable burning
Creates CDs that can be played back in any standard audio CD player
Lets you select the burning speed
Lets you listen to tracks before burning


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