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Version: 2012

License: Trial Version

Date Added: January 22, 2012

FTP Voyager

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FTP Voyager is the most powerful FTP client program for Windows XP/Vista/7 on the market. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, FTP Voyager lets you update a Web site with a single click, transfer files directly between FTP servers, and resume interrupted downloads. A perfect tool for Web developers or anyone that moves files on the Internet.




New and Improved


FTP Voyager Feature Highlights

FTP Voyager boasts a wide array of features not found in the average FTP client. To find out more about FTP Voyager's rich feature set, click on any of the option tabs below.

For a full list of features and enhancements please see the FTP Voyager Release Notes.

Serv-U and FTP Voyager, when used together, become a powerful FTP client and server solution. Together, they do what no other FTP client and server can.


On-the-fly compression

FTP Voyager and Serv-U implement on-the-fly data socket compression using an extension to the FTP protocol called MODE Z.


Automatic Time Zone Support

Added Automatic Time Zone adjustments when connecting to Serv-U servers. FTP Voyager will automatically adjust file dates and times to local dates and times if connecting to a Serv-U server.


SFTP Through SSH2 (FTP Voyager Secure only)

Connect to UNIX servers running SSH (Secure Shell), SFTP, unlike standard FTP, is a secure protocol that uses a single, encrypted connection, to perform all operations.


Secure FTP (FTPS) Using SSL

FTP Voyager and Serv-U both support SSL, the same level of encryption supported by your web browser, to protect your data. When using SSL your data is encrypted so that prying eyes cannot see it, and your confidential information is protected.


Accurate Time & Date Stamping

When a file is uploaded through an FTP client, the time and date is usually set to the time of upload. When FTP Voyager connects to Serv-U, the local time and date stamp are retained automatically.


Status of Server to Server Transfers

FTP Voyager displays the status of server to server transfers when the source or destination server is Serv-U.


Extended Directory Listings

FTP Voyager automatically uses "Extended" directory listings for complete and accurate listings. UNIX style servers don't show the file times on files 6 months old or older.


Password Encryption

FTP Voyager and Serv-U support S/Key password encryption, which ensures your password is never sent in clear text over the Internet - even if the FTP session is unencrypted.


Change Server Passwords

FTP Voyager has the ability to change user passwords on Serv-U.       


New Features continued


MLST / MLSD Support

MLST and MLSD are two new FTP commands intended to provide detailed, standardized directory listings regardless of the underlying operating system. MLST/MLSD allow UNIX systems to provide detailed, file information regardless of the age of the life.


Thumbnail View

Thumbnail mode is a great way to see the image files both on the server and on your computer. This feature is ideal for webmasters and anyone sharing image files with others. Remote thumbnails are efficiently cached on your hard drive for the quickest display possible.


Menu Styles

FTP Voyager has the ability to choose between several different menu and toolbar styles. This option is found under the "View / Options / User Interface / Toolbars and Menus". Included in these styles are more modern looking Windows XP, Office 2003, and others.


Add-On Support

FTP Voyager Add-Ons allow software developers to enhance the FTP Voyager functionality by writing software used by FTP Voyager. FTP Voyager Add-Ons can be configured for all FTP Site Profiles or for individual Site Profiles. For more information visit http://www.ftpvoyager.com/addons.asp


Tip of the Day

Added "Tip of the Day" to help customers understand more of the powerful features found in FTP Voyager. Tip of the Day comes up when FTP Voyager starts (and can be disabled) and is found under the Help menu.


XCRC Support

Nothing's worse than successfully completing the download of a file from a server that doesn't work! It forces you to begin the arduous process of figuring out if the download was corrupted or if the source file has a problem. With XCRC command support, you can quickly verify that the file you downloaded or uploaded is identical to the source file.


Familiar User Interface


Folder Locking

FTP Voyager now has a folder locking feature which is a must have for all web developers. The folder locking feature makes transferring files between local and remote computers a snap. Just select the folder that contains the file you would like to transfer and FTP Voyager automatically opens that foolder on the remote computer for an easy and fast transfer. This is one of many great features in FTP Voyager that you will fall in love with.


Simple Mode

FTP Voyager works great for expert and novice users alike. FTP Voyager can operate in two modes, Simple and Full modes. Simple mode hides all complex features of FTP Voyager and uses wizards by default, great for novice users. With a quick menu selection FTP Voyager runs in Full mode with all of it's advanced features available.


FTP Site Profile Manager

The FTP Site Profile Manager organizes and manages FTP sites and can also import sites from other FTP applications. The FTP Site Profile Manager remembers specific settings for sites you visit. This feature offers you one click access to your FTP sites.


Drag-and-Drop Interface

Supports Dragging and Dropping between Windows Explorer, Desktop, Remote/Local views, and different FTP Voyager sessions. The "Drag-and-Drop" feature offers an easy to use, intuitive interface for transferring files, saving you time and effort.


Automatic ASCII/Binary Selection

Without manual intervention, FTP Voyager has the ability to automatically detect which transfer mode to use with certain file types.



Filtering allows you to limit the files that are displayed within the FTP Voyager windows. This allows you to organize your views by eliminating unnecessary files.


Folder Shortcuts

FTP VOyager allows you to create "Folder Shortcuts" to move you quickly to desired points of access on the connected FTP server.


Dial on Demand

FTP Voyager will use the windows dial-up listings to automatically connect to the Internet when needed after a conncection has been selected.


Superior Tools


SFTP Through SSH2

Connect to Unix servers running through SSH (Secure Shell). SFTP, unlike standard FTP, is a secure protocol that uses a single, encrypted connection, to perform all operations.


Secure SFTP Using SSL

FTP Voyager supports SSL, the same level of encryption supported by your web browser, to protect your data. When using SSL your data is encrypted so that prying eyes cannot see it, and your confidential information is protected. Connect to any SSL enbaled FTP server, such as Serv-U, and your data is safe.



Synchronization allows you to mirror files and folders. You can synchronize folders on a FTP server with the contents of folders on your hard drive, or you can synchronize folders on your hard drive with the folders on an FTP server. Synchronization is an ideal feature for offline web design and maintenance. It's an excellent time saving feature.


Automatic Resume

FTP Voyager automatically attempts to resume a broken download or upload exactly where you left off saving you the time of downloading or uploading an entire file.


Server-to-Server Transfers

Server-to-server transfers allow you to utilize the bandwidth between two remote servers for file transfers. As servers are typically connected to the Internet at much faster speeds than the average user, these file transfer can be completed in a much shorter time.


Background File Search

FTP Voyager allows you to search large directory structures for specific file during an FTP session. While FTP Voyager is searching, you can perform other FTP operations.


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