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How To Install & reinstall Windows 7 using installation dvd.

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Install and reinstall Windows 7 using installation dvd.

Preparing your system for installation.


1. Start your system.

2. On system welcome (startup) screen press F2,to enter bios setup menu, for many system the key F2 is assigned to enter bios menu it can be F4, F1, and F3. You get to see at the bottom of welcome screen which key to press its mentioned there.


3. In bios menu locate boot priority tab

4. Change boot priority to dvd-drive in first priority by pressing F5 couple of times; if F5 doesn't work see for instruction to change priority at the bottom of screen. by default boot priority is hard disk drive in first place.

5. Save the settings and exit by pressing F10

Installing Windows7.

6. Start your System, Insert the windows7 installation dvd.

7. Your system will ask you to press any key to boot from dvd, press any key.

8. On windows installation welcome screen click install.

9. If terms and condition appears read them carefully and at the bottom of screen click check box that says i accept terms and condition. Click next

10. A window will appear having option to either upgrade your windows or install fresh copy. Choose one appropriate to you and click next


Choose upgrade if you want to install windows7 on windows vista or xp, or if you want to upgrade windows7 version, this upgrade option will keep all your program files and settings intact. 

Choose install fresh copy to delete old operating system files and install a new fresh copy of windows7, selecting this option will delete all system files and settings. 

11. If you have selected to install fresh copy of windows7, a window will appear displaying all the partition you have in your system, select the drive in which you want to install windows and click next

Note: here you also have the option to reformat your hard drive, create new drive or delete any drive etc. 

12. If you format C drive window7 will ask you to create additional 100mb drive for system, click OK

13. Windows installation will begin now it will take some time to complete mean while your computer may restart a couple of times.

14. A window will appear to input your system name and password, enter your details, click next.

15. A Few more windows will appear to make windows7 settings your way select as you like, select your time standard when asked and click next.

16. When asked to enter key, enter your key or you can choose to enter it later and click next.

17. Windows will now prepare your desktop for first use.

You will now have installed windows7 on your system.

18. Now follow steps 1 to 4 again to change back the boot priority to hard disk drive.

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