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Version: PC

License: Trial Version

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Date Added: February 14, 2012


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FIFA 09 - Screenshot


Quick Review:


Play FIFA - Your Way.


Polished, refined gameplay
Featuring 250 additions and enhancements to core gameplay, including new animation technology that creates more responsive first-time shooting and passing, faster and more controlled dribbling, and improved trapping, and new player momentum physics that delivers realistic player collisions, authentic jostling for the ball, and more variation in tackling.

Custom Team Tactics
Become a first-team coach with the power to tune and balance 11 tactical sliders for 140 attacking and 40 defending options (more than 50,000 combinations) so CPU players and your team perform just like the real-world team or how you think the real team should play. Save your tactics to make strategic decisions to exploit your opponent's weaknesses during the game. Plus, share your strategies with friends online

Be A Pro: Seasons
Pick or create a professional player and test your football ability over a four season campaign. Master a single position and develop your skills -- passing, shooting, positioning, marking -- to ultimately become a national legend.

Improved Goalkeeper Intelligence
Goalkeepers position themselves more intelligently, react to shots more realistically and recover from saves faster.

Customised Controllers
Create your own bespoke controller configuration, save it and even take it online effortlessly. Assign actions to the buttons exactly how you like them for complete control.


adidas Live Season
Dynamic update of player information in-game that mirrors real-life performances. Feel the change in gameplay performance as teams in the real world experience the highs and lows during their campaigns. All the top leagues are included: Barclay’s Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A and Mexican Primera Division.

Be A Pro: 10 vs 10 Online Team Play
Create your own team of up to 10 friends all playing fixed outfield positions to challenge rival teams of up to 10 players. Instead of thinking as an individual player now you have to think and play as a team.

FIFA 09 Clubs
Create your own club or simply join an existing club and compete in an organised league when playing 10 v 10 Online Team Play. FIFA 09 Clubs will determine the best virtual team in the world with up-to 50 players able to join a club. Club Managers select the team and can recruit players for their squad. Compete with friends across 15 divisions to be the best club in the world.




Detailed, authentic gameplay - Quick freekicks, hidden throw-ins, updated collision animations and shielding

Leading Edge Visual Quality - The latest shader and visual techniques leverage hi-spec graphics cards for a visually spectacular recreation

Customizable mouse and keyboard control configurations - Determine exactly where you want the ball played with a click of the mouse button. Send your players on pinpoint accurate runs using similar commands

Fully customizable widget design - You determine what information you receive directly through your game from online rankings and the Interactive Leagues to real-world football news

Pro Skill Moves - Draw trick plays or perform one of 32 skill moves, including new scoop turns, rainbow flicks, heel-to-heel knocks and ball rolls


System Requirements:


OS: Windows XP
CPU: Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz or Equivalent
VGA: 6600 Nvidia graphics card or ATI equivalent
DX: DirectX 9.0c
Sound: DirectX Compatible


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