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Version: PC

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Date Added: February 14, 2012

Need for Speed ProStreet Porsche

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The Need for Speed: ProStreet Porsche Edition demo puts you behind the wheel of a genuine Porsche sports car and challenges you to race against other pilots in the Porsche's testing track in Leipzig. You can choose between two models (GT2 and GT3RS) and select between different levels of difficulty, which makes the game suitable even for the driving-challenged.
Graphics are as spectacular as you expect them to be in the NFS series. The extraordinary level of detail in cars enables you to see images reflected on their shiny bodywork. Physics are faithfully reproduced, both in the car's movements and in object reaction when hitting against any obstacle on the road – not that I'm a bad driver, it was just for testing purposes.
Though the demo may feel too short (only the two aforementioned cars in two different tracks) the game is quite enjoyable, thanks to a realistic speed sensation and the constant desire to be the fastest pilot on track.




Real, Adrenaline-Fueled Racing - Experience the raw power of street racing with a brand new physics engine, and intuitively refined AI.

Dominate Across All Racing Disciplines - Prove yourself in four distinct styles of racing: Drag, Drift, Grip, and the all-new Speed Challenge.

Ride the Edge of Disaster- One wrong move, and witness the consequences of your mistakes via truly advanced and comprehensive damage capturing technology.

Performance Drives Results - Choose from hundreds of real-world, aftermarket parts and see the impact of visual Autosculpt technology on performance – all in real time.

Redefining Competitive Social Play - Redefined online features amp the spirit of competition and create for the ultimate showdown.

Share your Tuning Capabilities with the World - The all-new Blueprints feature allows you to upload your visual and performance customization settings online. You’ll be credited each time your design is used to dominate a race.


System Requirements:


Win Xp 32
2.53GHz Processor
GeForce FX 5900 Ultra
Radeon 9500
512 MB Ram
DX 9
8 GB Hard Disk Space


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