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Version: 2

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Date Added: February 14, 2012

Need for Speed Underground 2

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Discover the living, breathing world of tuner culture in Need for Speed Underground 2, the sequel to the best-selling racing game of 2003, and the latest blockbuster installment in the legendary Need for Speed franchise. ide.




Free-Roaming City
Explore a massive city divided into five distinct, interconnected neighborhoods, ranging from serpentine suburban hills to an intense downtown grid. A complex series of drivable freeways connect the neighborhoods together.

Emergent Gameplay
Want to make a name for yourself in the underground? You'll need to find it first. Races can happen anywhere and at any time and as players encounter rivals on the street they'll be clued into where they can buy the hottest upgrades or enter the most elite events.

New Gameplay Modes
Three new gameplay modes are added to last year's circuit, drift and drag competitions, challenging gamers to hone their skills in a number of driving disciplines.

Performance Tuning
Tune every aspect of your car's performance with hundreds of licensed aftermarket performance upgrades and then fine-tune everything from the gear ratio to the suspension for the ultimate ride.

The Hottest Cars
More than thirty of the most sought-after tuner cars are available from the hottest manufacturers—from Nissan Motor Co., ToyotaTM, and Mitsubishi Motors and more - if they're hot on the street, they're in the game.

Visual Customisation
With more than twice the visual customizations of last year's game, there are literally billions of car combinations available to gamers. Featuring audio upgrades, scissor doors, spoilers, headlights, side skirts, roof scoops, hoods, rims, wide body kits, neon and more, if you can trick it out in real life, you can trick it out in Need for Speed Underground 2.

Environmental Variety
Each of the five distinct neighborhoods in Need for Speed Underground 2 feature a unique look and feel, including varied driving conditions and track types. Road surfaces, real-time weather effects, and environmental hazards will keep gamers on their toes as they race from dusk till dawn.

Need For Speed Underground 2 features online play for Xbox Live and the PC.


System Requirements:


Microsoft Windows 98
Intel Pentium III 933 MHz or AMD Athlon 933 MHz
256 MB of RAM
NVIDIA GeForce2 32 MB or ATi Radeon 7500 32 MB or Matrox G400 32 MB or Matrox Parhelia 32 MB or SIS 315 32 MB
2 GB of free hard disk space
8X DVD-ROM drive


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