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Date Added: February 14, 2012

WRC FIA World Rally Championship

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The aim of the official WRC FIA World Rally Championship videogame is to bring the thrilling sceneries of the world’s most challenging motorsport competition into the houses of rally fans across the entire world.
The game gives petrolheads and racing gamers alike the chance to compete as the stars of the WRC in all the classes and cars of the 2010 season; and it also offers exclusive content to expand their garage even further.
The game contains some of the fastest, most powerful and sophisticated rally cars ever built. In addition, players can enlarge their garage with the most glorious and iconic cars from the legendary Group B, thanks to the exclusive “WRC Group B Cars” downloadable content.

The available WRC game modes are: Single Stage mode is a quick race on the player’s favorite stage to establish a record time; Single Rally mode includes all the six stages of the selected nation; Championship mode reproduces the official FIA World Rally Championship, while the Career Mode features a long list of racing events across the world. The Career Mode is structured in order to authentically reproduce the different steps of a real rally driver career. The player starts off with a basic car in a small rally team, racing minor events (“Cups”) in order to gain experience and unlock new, more powerful cars.  As he achieves goals and victories, new events will be available as well, such as Regional Championships and WRC Support Championships: Super-WRC (S-WRC), J-WRC (Junior Championship) and P-WRC (Production Championship). The final goal is to enter the prestigious WRC class, at first as a Wildcard driver, and finally as an official team member.

When outside the car, players have to manage different aspects: in the Showroom it is possible to admire and select any of the unlocked cars, but also buy new cars; with the Car Editor players can customize their vehicles with exotic liveries and different colors; the Sponsors section is where the players can manage their sponsors and find new ones, in order to earn more money.

Ghost Cars Management: the game also allows the user to download and upload the fastest ghost cars and race against the best players in the world: climb the leaderboards and reach the best-ever performance!
Multiplayer competitions are possible both in offline and online modes. The Hot Seat mode lets up to four players race against each other, while Online Multiplayer modes expand the gaming experience, giving the player the chance to challenge up to 15 other players and become the best driver on the net.

There are three different online multiplayer game modes:

Single Stage Mode: where the players enter the lobby, select a single stage, and race to reach the finish line in the first position.

Single Rally Mode: where the players select one of the 12 available world rallies, and compete on all six single stages. The winner is the player with the best total time.

Championship Mode: where the host selects the number of rallies, their locations, and starts the competition with his friends. The winner is the player that scores the highest number of points.




78 different rally stages and over 550km of varied road conditions from the 13 countries which host a round of the WRC.

The most authentic rally driving experience ever, supported by a realistic and accessible physics model.

The Real WRC World. All the game elements, stages, environments, drivers and co-drivers are designed to give the player the sensation of taking part in the real FIA World Rally Championship.

WRC Group B Car downloadable content: discover some of the fastest, most powerful and sophisticated rally cars ever built, directly from the Group B era. The available cars are: Peugeot 205 T 16, Lancia Delta S4, Ford RS200, Renault R5 Maxi Turbo and for the first time ever in a videogame the Citroën BX4 TC.

The new “The Road to the WRC” career mode presents the chance to compete in 55 different events.

Specific unique multiplayer game modes, both online and offline, on all available platforms.

Players can find their best settings for each rally stage by selecting several presets or by tuning their own car.
Visually stunning car damage with deformable chassis and an advanced in-game system to manage vehicles’ repairs. Detachable car elements such as bumpers, bonnet, wings and glasses.

Top end graphics (both for cars and tracks).

Real engines sounds and environmental sound effects.

Co-driver pace notes with adjustable timing option.

Full 3D cockpits and dashboards.
Sidetrack breakable objects.

Dirt (mud, snow and dust) gets stuck on the car as it progresses through the stage.

The official WRC class and all the supporting championships: S-WRC, P-WRC and J-WRC. Start a career from the beginning to maximum glory!


System Requirements:


OS: Windows XP SP2, Vista or Windows 7
CPU: Intel 2.4 GHz
HDD: 3 GB free disk space
Graphics: 512 MB Graphics Memory with Pixel Shader 3
Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
DirectX: Version 9.0c


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