USB LOCK RP v.5.298

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Version: 5.298, 2012

License: Trial Version

Date Added: January 12, 2012

USB LOCK RP v.5.298

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AVG Internet Security 2014




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Data loss protection control:
usb storage devices:
usb 3.0 super speed, u3 , usb 2.0, usb.....

External magnetic hard drives:
e-SATA, firewire (IEEE 1394)

Media transfer protocol - storage:
MP3 players, iPods, iPads, PDA, hand-held computers ,tablet pc, digital cameras, mobile phones  , blackberry

Adapters bridging between standard flash memory cards and a USB connection

Card readers:
CF, SD, SDMicro, MMC, XD

External optical drives:
CD and DVD reader and writer drives

Wireless Transceivers:
WiFi, IrDA, usb Bluetooth
Protects even if clients are disconnected from the network.

Light on system resources.

Alert screens presented at clients include licensed organization logo, and are available in many languages.

Network-wide VID match authorizations, very useful for large number of vector based build in devices.

Network-wide VID-PID match authorization excellent to authorize large number of organization provided custom devices.

Local-client and/or network-wide specific device authorizations. Granular protection.

Client silent initial deployment easy with MSI Windows Installer (for orders of RP40 or more)

Scalable and updatable.

Windows multi platform.

Flexible: Allows for sub network management, also Ideal for controlling port security on start ups, or field operation .

Automatically receive and record devices insertion alerts in real-time .

Capable of automatically email you of all insertion alerts blocked ,allowed, and authorized (requires RP Plus as minimum order, available only at request)

No useless functionality
Allows its implementation without disrupting operations.

Able to run from regular PC (does not require to run from a server).

Does not restrict the normal use of non storage capable peripherals, (printers, mouse,keyboards, vcams etc)

Design to effectively control large of small networks




USB LOCK RP v.5.298

Network information protector
(core application)
Centralized devices control to protect information in network PCs
NEW compatible with USB Lock RP Master Control 
higher hierarchy management released March 12, 2012
Block, or allow removable storage use by class in real-time
Authorize groups of usb devices by VID, PID,and/or specific usb devices by hardware ID to operate on specific clients or across the network.
Get automatic realtime email alerts of portable devices conection to any network station. (smtp)
Authorize specific external sata drives (e-sata) on any client station.
Automatically receive alerts, and record the insertion of allowed, or blocked devices in real-time.
Up to date with technology protection:
Presents informative alerts screens at client side upon devices connections (personalized with licensed organization logo)
Generate security status, alerts or per machine protection history reports.
Audit: system information, installed software, windows updates- security patches, and running processes on any client.
Option to deploy password to allow temporary authorization from client end while client PC or laptop is not on the network.
Remote update or uninstall client application


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