Easy Screen Capture Video v1 & v2

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Version: 1, 2

License: Trial Version

Date Added: February 7, 2012

Easy Screen Capture Video v1 & v2

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Easy Screen Capture Video v1 & v2 - Screenshot


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Easy Screen Capture Video
Real Time Screen Capture is a professional quality video production studio designed to capture and record screen activity in real time. With this video capture software you can record the moving action on your computer screen and save it as a video file all in a matter of seconds




Real Time Screen Capture
Now, you can record your computer screen in real time. It's easy to perform real-time capture of screen activity, including mouse movements, keystrokes and application changes. Easy Screen Capture Video is perfect for professional presentations for your website or software product. Record and store your video or you can even save your presentaton on to CD.
Click on the 'Red' button to Record
Click on the 'Gray' button to Pause (available only with Version 2)
Click on the 'Blue' button to Stop

Screen Capture Regions
You can record all or any portion of your computer screen by selecting the 'Region' menu. The three options are: Region, Fixed Region or Full Screen
Region - where you can input the height and width)
Fixed Region - where you define a rectangular region on your screen by click-dragging the left mouse button.
Full ScreenRecord your computer's full screen

Cursor Display
You can either 'Show the Cursor' or 'Hide Cursor'.
Next, you have 3 options:
Use Actual Cursor - The is what you see when you move your mouse
Use Actual Cursor - Over 30 custom curser options available or pick one of your own from your file. You can give elements in your document with over 30 different cursor images when the mouse moves over them.
Use Cursor From File - Choose your own image option for your cursor

Curser Highlight
By checking the 'Highlight Cursor' checkbox you can customize your screen with the cursor highlights option by Changing the size of the highlighted area Choosing the shape to use, ie. Circle, Ellipse, Square or Rectangle.

What can you do with Easy Screen Capture Video?
You can record software demos, create online tutorials, make Help file support videos, collect digital evidence, train people in different locations at the same time, bridge the language gap by creating videos to answer questions, showcase your software or Web site, put your entire course on CD, record PC game demos. Check out the videos below by clicking on the images:

Easy To Use
Easy Screen Capture Video is so easy to use that it only takes 2 clicks to:
Record Your PC Scree
Record Your Mouse
Record Your Voice

Program options

change the way the program stops and starts. Choose if you want to:
Minimize program on start recording
Hide flashing rectangle during recording
Play AVI file as soons as the recording stops
Save settings on exit
Check the options you would like

Keyboard Shortcuts
From the main menu, choose Options -->Keyboard Shortcuts
Use the dialog box to customize your shortcut keys for:
keys to start Recording
keys for stop Recording
keys for canceling your recording operation
Audio Recording is only available on Version 2

Autopanning support
This option will allow the capture area to follow the cursor to wherever it goes during recording. This has the effect of making the screen capture occur at the region with the most activity.
You can adjust the autopanning speed at which the capture area follows the mouse.


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