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Date Added: February 6, 2012

WM Recorder Bundle

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Get the WM Recorder Bonus Bundle, the all-in-one product suite that lets you capture video from any web site. Use WM Recorder to download video and audio from thousands of unencrypted sites. For protected content, break out WM Capture to create an ultra-high quality recording as your video plays. WM Converter and WM Splitter make it easy to convert and edit your downloaded or recorded treasures. And VideoClone adds an awesome picture-in-picture capability for watching ANY video. It's everything you need!




WM Recorder 14

Downloads perfect bit-for-bit digital copies of internet videos with ease. Just open WM Recorder, play your video or audio, and it's saved automatically.


WM Capture

Records video from ANY web site or player by capturing directly from your screen. If WM Recorder can't download it, WM Capture can record it - with amazing high quality.



Finally... Picture-in-Picture on your PC! Watch video in any size, anywhere on your desktop. Includes handy one-click recording.


WM Splitter

Lets you quickly and easily extract or remove portions of audio and video files.


WM Converter

Converts your downloaded or recorded files into AVI, iPod/iPhone, Windows Media, MPEG and many other popular formats.


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