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Safety Policy

Downloadstack Software Safety Policy:


We currently do not host any software download on our server, but in future we will.

All software download at Downloadstack are provided straight from the developers secure servers, we first verify the security of download and developer ourselves before providing any download to users.

However there can be a chance of getting any security breach or virus, malware injection through the internet network during download process, as some hackers and bad persons always looks to inject the malware, viruses, etc. via network between client and server. To avoid this it is strongly recommended to use good antivirus program and firewall to ensure your PC safety.



How you can protect yourself from virus, malware, and network security breaches:

Always use good antivirus and firewall program, and keep it updated to ensure maximum security.

Keep your windows operating system updated by installing windows updates for latest security patches.

Never use any unauthorized software, download software from proper channel don’t download it from site you are not familiar with.

Do not use any cracks or patches to activate software as they are surely to be contaminated with a hidden viruses and malware program that can infect your PC or can send your information to the hackers and bad persons. If you have kept your personal information anywhere in your PC. In such cases your all computer information is exposed to the hackers and bad persons which they can use to steel your information, identity, money(online transaction), internet/network ip, etc.


If you have any question or concern about our safety policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at:


We read every message submitted and try to reply to every one promptly. We may also review and discard the information.

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